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Top Resource Medical Billing was founded by Angela Deal in early 2013. After years of working for different organizations and physicians offices, she noticed a lot of things that were being done poorly and/or not at all. She decided to start her own billing company to help physicians make money as well as save money.

Angela has over 18 years experience in the field of medical billing and collections, not only is she a certified coder, but she has the experience that comes with it.She alone has experience with appeals, handling denials, reviewing and memorizing the Medicare LCD guidelines for particular procedures, billing, coding, training in multiple practice management systems and she continues to educate herself with all the changes in this industry.

Her goal is to ensure that every provider receives the maximum reimbursement on every service performed. Angela's financial goal is to keep the billing cost at a minimum while keeping a high standard of customer service and satisfaction so that the provider can reinvest revenue back into patient care.

Contact her directly at [email protected] or 972-807-8401